What About us

Since 1964, our company Aquarium Systems located in France, at Sarrebourg (57), markets Instant Ocean salt, among others, around the world and has quickly established itself as the world benchmark in aquarists. Many fish farmers use this salt, especially in Japan for the production of Fugu fish.

In 2019, Aquarium Systems, rich in its experience in the world of aquarium keeping, created a new brand: Alpha Ocean which offers products more suited to aquaculture constraints, in particular salt Bio Ocean .

An extensive biological and scientific program, particularly with the scientific community and in our hatchery-where we have reproduced millions of tropical sea fish- has enabled us to elaborate and refine a formula that fulfill the needs of captive marine organisms. Each ingredient used in the composition of Instant Ocean is carefully selected and tested. Each batch is analysed in order to guarantee that all important elements have been perfectly mixed. Each batch is also continuously monitored in laboratory aquatic systems containing delicate marine animals and plants, because live organisms are always the most sensitive indicators of quality

The salt Bio Ocean is already widely used in "land" aquaculture, in the transport of live fish from fisheries and in crustacean tanks.

Lobsters in a tank in the fish market. The claws are tied.

In recent years, eutrophication of seawater has caused red tides and blue tides. Sometimes marine pollution has increased due to various factors such as a heavy oil spill caused by accidents on oil rigs or oil spills. In addition, a large amount of fresh water flows into the sea due to heavy rains, which causes instability in the concentration of seawater but also an additional source of pollution (alluvium, acid rain, etc. ).

Another constraint linked to aquaculture in the marine environment remains: weather conditions, in particular storms or cyclones which can cause significant damage and thus endanger several months of work. Global warming must also be weighed in this balance: changes in temperature influence livestock performance. For all these reasons, natural seawater is becoming more of a problem than a solution for all players in the aquaculture sector.

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